Should We Have A Wedding Rehearsal? — Practice Makes Perfect!

So do we need to have a wedding rehearsal? I get that question often and the answer is yes, no, maybe! How’s that for hedging your bets! But that really is the answer, it just depends. Most weddings will have a rehearsal conducted by the wedding coordinator, the wedding officiant, or both.

At the my initial meeting with couples to discuss their plans I alway emphasize, “this is your wedding not mine” and so you can make it whatever you’ve dream it to be, large or small, fancy or chill, long or short (and of course most opt for short) — but my point is, all weddings are unique as are all couples.

The wedding rehearsal is simply an advanced walk through of the wedding ceremony itself. It lets everyone present practice and visual what their role and place will be in the ceremony. It lets you go to a place you’ve never been and often times calms nerves. Overall I suggest doing a rehearsal.

Which brings me back to the — yes, no, or maybe statement of it all depends. You may not need a rehearsal if your wedding party is small. You may not be able to rehearse due to the venue not being available. If your wedding party is traveling and many will not have arrived the benefit may not be there. Some people are just spontaneous and don’t mind the unknown!

The biggest challenge I see in having a rehearsal is the scheduling with the venue. Gone are the days of an assured wedding rehearsal the night before the wedding. It can happen, but often time venues will have multiple weekend weddings and the space is simply not available. Often time venues will not book a rehearsal date until close to the wedding date. Other times a day or morning of wedding slot is offered. Other times a date a few days in advance. 

If the venue space and timing don’t work to your schedule some couples opt for an offsite rehearsal often parlayed with a dinner at a restaurant or someones home or backyard. This too can work, of course realizing your not in the exact space you will be hold your wedding. 

So rehearsal or no rehearsal? That will be one of the key conversation points we will discuss when we initially meet. Again, yes, no or maybe!

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