A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Preparation, anticipation, wonder, beauty, laughter, tears, God moments, and pure joy — these  would be a few words that define a wedding day. Good photographers (and there are lots) capture these moments to provide a lifetime of memories.

As a wedding officiant I’ve seen photography change throughout the years, and for the better! When my wife and I were married 38 years ago we had maybe a couple of dozen photos from our special day. And then we had to wait what seemed like an eternity to get the finished product. 

Today is much different. Photos, though not quite instantaneous, almost! Technology has revolutionized the capturing and delivery of unbelievable photos. YET the person behind the camera still holds the creative magic. 

I love looking at wedding photos as it warms my heart of the goodness of pure love. Destiney and Jeff are beautiful both inside and out. Their outstanding photographers captured pictures that speak to their story of love and the beginning of their new life together. A picture truly does paint a thousand words. 

Enjoy your viewing!



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