Something Old, Something New – Castles and Drones!

So what does a castle and a drone have in common? A wedding of course! Such was the case of the unique and beautiful wedding of Xuan Wang and Pengbiao Zhang at The Castle At Rockwall. I was honored to officiate for this couple and their families from China with the assistance of my interpreter Meghan.

Under the creative direction of the capable staff of SilentTea Studio many elements, some old and some new were woven together for a magical wedding. The setting chosen was the old school feel of The Castle At Rockwall which provides old world ambiance, a traditional Chinese tea, and traditional wedding vows. The new  of course was the use of a drone to capture the bride and groom’s departure from an aerial vantage point.

Weddings are meant to be a celebration of love calling both upon the old, tradition, and classic elements, and yet also capturing the new, whether elements of technology such as drones or the beautiful music played via electronic instruments.

Thank you Silent Tea Studio and best wishes for a lifetime of happiness to Wang & Jang!

Loving Celebrations!




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