Texas Outdoor Weddings – Beautiful and Unpredictable!

The Farmer’s Almanac struggles when it comes to the weather in Texas! You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, wait five minutes!” Or, “Texas has two seasons, summer and winter and usually they alternate days in the same week!”

Texas outdoor weddings are beautiful and unpredictable. I have received more than a few phone calls over the years from couples asking me to invoke my powers of prayer to send a cool front or alter the path of a rain storm. I’m good, but not that good! 🙂

So what’s the answer? I suggest that you plan that outdoor wedding you’ve always wanted and make sure the venue has a back up plan for stormy weather. When it comes to the heat (which we’ve had a lot of this October) not much you can do with the exception of providing water for the guests and a short ceremony from your officiant!

Bottom line I love doing outdoor weddings and there are wonderful outdoor venues in Texas. Just go in eyes open knowing that there is some chance for less than ideal 72 degree sunshiny days.

Recently I have done two wonderful weddings which featured one outdoor ceremony and two outdoor receptions. Though warmer than normal for October, both Kayln & Garrett and Julia & Taylor were all smiles and their guests had a wonderful time!

See you outdoors!



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