“We Read Your Reviews” – Crossing 150 and Growing!

Who reads reviews? Apparently you do! Without fail almost every couple who contacts me regarding our wedding officiant and/or premarital counseling services, within the first 90 seconds of conversation says, “we read your reviews”!

I love reviews! I love getting them and giving them. And I too read reviews. Whether purchasing a product or service I am always looking for those with top reviews. Now granted not everyone decides to provide a review, and I get that. Sometimes people like their privacy. 

However of the hundreds of couples who we have worked with, we are excited about now receiving 150 reviews, 149 being 5 stars, and well one a .5 star, which I tried to graciously respond to. I would love to highlight everyone’s reviews. Some are practical. Some are funny. Some just bring a tear to your eye. Call me sentimental but from time to time I go back through and read all the reviews and walk down memory lane. We’ve been blessed to work with so many wonderful couples and families!

So PLEASE keep reading and keep sending in your reviews and we’ll keep delivering on our hope and belief that, “who doesn’t like to be part of a loving celebration!”



PS – Below is a sample review. I could only pick one and my school teacher friend Valeska and her husband Chris were so thorough! 

“Let me start by saying, Jim was the perfect Wedding Officiant. He is a very kind, polite, and caring gentleman. After reading plenty of amazing reviews (as I sure you are now), we decided to meet Jim at a Starbucks. 

First impressions were he arrives on time, dresses nicely, smiles, and is very personable. He asked about each of us, our background and interests, and just takes the time to get to know you. Jim also shares his background and interests and he is just a great person to get to know. 

We had no idea how a wedding ceremony worked, but Jim walked us through every aspect we may have been interested in and answered all our questions. We left there feeling extremely comfortable and immediately knowing we would pick him. 

Fast Forward towards wedding day .. he arrived early for our rehearsal and walked us through the steps while making us feel relaxed and comfortable. On our wedding day, he made sure to visit both of us and check we had everything we needed and answer any questions we may have had. 

While waiting for the ceremony to begin, Jim talked to me (Chris the Groom) about anything and everything. Before I knew it, it was time to begin. He helped ease my mind from running around circles (as it will on the special day). 

Jim performed our Ceremony with perfection. All our family members said how great of a job he did. We can’t say enough about how glad we are that we picked him. Jim is a very caring, passionate, reliable person who we strongly recommend for everyone!”


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