Who Doesn’t Like To Be Part Of A Loving Celebration?

Most weekends, especially during the summer months, I find myself standing with couples as they make vows of commitment to each other on their wedding day. And it all begins with a story of love between two people.

And I’ve found these stories to be as varied as the couples sharing them, but always fascinating, touching, and sometimes just plain funny!

When initially meeting, I’ll typically break the ice by saying “so tell me how you met?” And the stories range from childhood friendships, high school sweethearts, co-workers, a friend’s introduction, to very commonly in our generation the effective tool of online dating. As each story unfolds it holds the magic that brings a couple to their wedding day.

I never tire of hearing these stories of life and I love. And that’s why I LOVE being a wedding officiant and pre-marital counselor.

Julia and John’s story was one that dates back to high school where both worked at the same catering business. Each had a fondness and friendship with each other, but marriage, that took lots of years to cultivate. Fast forward through college, nursing school, and the police academy, and this now nurse and Fort Worth police officer looked so beautiful and handsome on their wedding day.

I’m always grateful to receive warm words of recommendation and encouragement from couples, and then of course the beautiful pictures capturing the specialness of the day. Thanks John and Julia for your kind words and asking me to be part of the love story of your lives!

“You were fantastic, Jim! We were both so pleased with how smoothly the ceremony went. We had multiple people tell us how great you did and how the little surprise you had for us on the alter made it all the more personal. Thank you so much again!” ~ John & Julia


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